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Article: Be Beautiful!

Be Beautiful!

Be Beautiful!

When we listen to the word beautiful, there is a rush of happy hormones in our bodies. We all liked to be called and considered beautiful, but do we  realize, what the word" BEAUTIFUL" literally means.
As per the dictionary, it means something pleasing to the senses or to the mind, but most of us have reserved senses or mind for just an eye.
There are a few tips to really look and feel beautiful in this blog, just click to discover for yourself.

1. Mai apni favorite hoon: Geet might have landed in many troubles, but she has made her way to everyone's heart. Just love yourself,
trust your instincts, and have confidence in your decision. whenever you have time pamper yourself. Look at the mirror and say " I LOVE YOU"
You will soon notice the change.
2. Smile more: A smile can end big wars, that's the power of a smile. A smile can transform your and everyone's day around you. Smile even if wrinkles show around your eyes. You know they are accessories for your smile to make them even better. Scientifically, it has been proven, that people look more pleasing to the senses of others and every yours own, when you smile.
3. Be active: It really does not matter which size you are, whether SM/L/XL/XXL/XXXl being active can boost our energy and make us feel amazing and beautiful. Do some light cardio or exercise every day for 30-45 minutes, this will increase your focus and confidence level.
4. Skincare regime: Adorn your Skin color/ scars/ body hairs, don't pressurize yourself to unreasonable beauty standards. Take care of skin that God has gifted with organic/ homemade oils, consume water, and eat healthily. This would give you a glow that will steal everyone's heart. Include fresh fruits like lemon/ orange/ apple/pears/ in your daily diet, consume homemade ghee, eat organically grown farm-balanced diet food, and see how wonder works within a few days.

Being beautiful is not only external, it also includes what you feel inside. try using a few tips and see how beautiful your feel.
We would be coming up with more detailed tips for diet and exercise for healthy living.

But. hey, don't wait try these and BE BEAUTIFUL!!

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