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Article: How to shop consciously?

How to shop consciously?
Climate change

How to shop consciously?

We all have one thing in common: the thought to live a happy and healthy life.

A happy and healthy present is also a pathway to a better future and a prosperous life ahead.

History has proven, that only those who can lead in such a way, can make their life purposeful for themselves and everyone around them.

But, do we pause and give it a thought, how we can do it? Many would say eating healthy, avoiding junk, and being active are key to keeping our minds focused.

Yes, that’s one of the mantras we try to do any changes in our lifestyle, it has a progression till it’s capable for a normal human being on earth to follow. A progression path can only be clear only when we become conscious of our actions and the consequences.

In this article, we are not going to talk about changing any habits but make you aware of certain facts, which might help you take a decision about your next choice when you add the next garment to your cart.

Let us talk about fashion today since it is one of the Industry, which is projected to grow at 15% CAGR till 2022 in India. The Indian fashion market to touch $102 billion by 2022. One factor is also because of the boom of E-commerce business post-pandemic.

The picture looks rosy from far but it is really very far from being so in reality.

Let us talk about the global fashion industry, do you know the fashion Industry is alone responsible for 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions? If it does not accelerate its response to climate change by 2030, it will produce twice the volume of emissions required to align with the Paris agreement global warming targets.

We all love owning fashionable Woollen items, and leather products and flaunt them but do we even realize the increasing demands and lesser reusability has also contributed to deforestation?

Yes, a lot of lands are cleared for animal grazing to produce wool, leather, and other animal products which in return cause desertification and degradation of soil. Hence, we should try every measure to save soil from such consequences

Talking of soil, we can’t also avoid water, how water wastage has been an increase in producing fashion garments. We all feel comfortable wearing Jeans, while we are going out with friends or just for a casual function. Now, you will be surprised to know that 3,781 litres of water to make one pair of jeans, from the production of cotton to the delivery of finished garments to the store. Textile manufacturing uses 20% of the world’s clean water each year.

So, what is the solution?

There are a number of things we can do because our small steps make a heap of good things or bad.

We should encourage recycling and reusability of cloth so that the demand is not overwhelming that a manufacturer can produce ethically. In the current scenario, only less than 1% of clothing is recycled. We as a brand work on certain crafts like Kesh Kantha where the worn-out sarees are used to make a new saree.

Consciously shop and check with the seller or label tag to find out the making process or fabric composition to make sure they are biodegradable when they end up in landfills. You will also be surprised to know the garments are made up of polyester which shreds microplastic when they are washed and this microplastic enter the water system and affects marine life.

Choosing cloth made of natural fibers like Wild silks or harvested silk (Tussar, Muga, Katan, Pure silks, Mulberry silks), Linen or cotton helps the fabric to biodegrade without doing much harm to the planet.

A lot of homegrown brands have come up with unique and create sustainable products and customers prefer sustainable fashion over fast fashion has increased in past few years.

So, next time when you shop, know that your action has consequences

Hope this article, has helped you to be aware of facts which we unknowingly cause the nature and lead a sustainable life.


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