We always have heard advice from our near and dear ones as well as strangers, how it is perfect to have good disciplined life. We somewhat agree to this thought but there is always a grey area, as a woman, we have been gifted with a lot of emotions and that sometimes decides our day in a way. But do we need to feel guilty about it, absolutely not because, we feel that as women we also inherit the greatest strength to face, handle and change.

We go through different phases in our life and also a lot of people expect from us , which keeps building with each passing day.  These expectations of people around us keeps us draining emotionally and physically and lands us into chaotic situations, a messy situation, which is very normal for any human being too, life cannot be perfect for anyone and so for us too, but what makes us go on a guilt trip is people expecting women to be perfect everyday in life. Sometimes, the same thought also starts resonating with us and that's a bigger problem. Honestly, let me tell you, try to be in those messy moments and see how you come flying with a new pair of wings. The chaotic situation keeps us paused for sometime and then what we do is strategize and think through to sail through it, this makes us renewed and stronger.

Like, a newly wed woman juggles between her new responsibilities, learning new culture and her own ground or forte, sometimes when we fail to do some of our new responsibilities, we go on guilt trip and start blaming ourselves along with others, to feel  upset with failure is okay however to blame yourself for things which you see from others point of view is not okay, what you need to do is sit down, think what disturbs you the most, feel those messy thoughts and analyze if they are real worth your attention or how can you handle it  in way, that it no longer affects you in such way as it is doing now.


It’s okay to fail, it okay not to be perfect and at the end you will realize you need to be MESSY TO BE GOOD!

January 27, 2022 — TUFAN SAHA
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