Wrap yourself in glamorous silver threads with our new addition of the Grey Silver Tissue Saree! Soft and easy to drape, this saree will make you shine like a star.


Working with 500+ artisans throughout Bengal to foster the preservation of our rich cultural heritage and to empower rural weavers economically. The love and support we receive from our customers, who we proudly consider as family, have been instrumental in driving our “HANDLOOM REVIVAL PROJECT”.

Our revival project has till now started 50 handlooms, who were once closed down due to pandemic or competition from power looms.


Experience the Nostalgic Charm of a Bygone Era with Our Exclusive Collection.Handwoven cotton and mud modal collection is live now.

We believe each fabric weaved speaks of a story and history of India’s culture. We wish to turn these intangible stories immortal through our fabrics.

Falling In Love With The Soulful Process

The soaking of yarns into the colour, the spread of bright colours under the sun, the creation of intricate designs and bringing it all to life with hands the entire process feels like an in-sync choreography. Somehow witnessing the rhythmic symphony of colours and threads merging into one made us fall in love with the process and appreciate the beauty of sarees even more.

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The Allure of Designer Handloom & Handmade Sustainable Sarees

Sarees are a treasure of our heritage, passed on from our mothers to us, a traditional Indian saree holds emotions. A nine yard fabric holds our heritage, and is the most beautiful garment adorned by women. 

Huts and Looms takes pride in preserving this legacy with our pure handwoven sarees, with pure handloom craftsmanship, ensuring every single handloom saree is a timeless work of art and emotion. Our artisans give their heart & soul in every piece, our handwoven sarees speaks of the craftsmanship and timeless elegance. 

The Artisanal Touch in Sustainable Saree Fashion

A sense of culture comes from the initial weave of the opulent nine yard fabric. Our pure handloom sarees convey a narrative of its own legacy of meticulous craftsmanship passed on from generations to the artisans. Each handloom saree is the embodiment of rich tradition and our commitment to sustainability.We make sure that each sarees can be your next heritage that can be passed to your daughter. We take pride in preserving the legacy of pure handloom sarees.

Exploring the Huts and Looms Collection of Sustainable Handloom Sarees

A symbol of timeless elegance yet sheer luxury, don our beautiful handwoven sarees and be the epitome of grace. Experience the cultural richness and timeless beauty with sustainable handmade sarees. Let us help you store the emotions and legacy of every Indian women through our collection of gorgeous Indian handloom sarees:

Tissue Silk Saree

Dive in the allure of tissue silk sarees, the fabric is a majestic blend of silk zari and cotton. Tissue silk sarees are lightweight which drapes gracefully and give you an elegant look. Our soft tissue sarees create an aura of sophistication and sheer grace. Huts and Looms paper tissue silk sarees depict the meticulous craftsmanship, making each tissue saree a masterpiece for your wardrobe.

Handloom Cotton Sarees

Elevate your daily wear with our handloom cotton sarees, which are light, breathable and comfortable to wear. Our handloom cotton sarees are perfect for daily wear, work wear as well as an occasion wear. Handwoven cotton sarees are versatile, chic yet elegant. Don our pure handloom cotton sarees and experience a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary style.

Handloom Silk Sarees

Experience opulence with our handloom silk sarees, the luxurious silk fabric is handwoven into a graceful saree. Silk sarees are like gold for women, a treasure of sophistication and culture. Huts and Looms handloom silk sarees exude grace, timeless elegance and give you a regal look, which is perfect for any occasion. 

Mulmul Sarees

Crafted from the finest lightweight cotton mulmul fabric, mulmul sarees are graceful yet comfortable. Muslin sarees are a coveted choice for every saree enthusiast. The sheer and breathable fabric drapes beautifully and is an ideal choice for any occasion from casual to formal. Mulmul or muslin sarees are the most cherished addition to your wardrobe.

Handloom Cotton Silk Sarees

Handloom cotton silk sarees are crafted meticulously and are the depiction of intricate craftsmanship involved in making of these opulent cotton silk sarees. The blend of pure cotton and silk fibres results in a very lightweight fabric. Handwoven cotton silk sarees ensure comfort without compromising elegance and grace. The handloom process makes each cotton silk saree unique. 

Handloom Linen Sarees

Handloom linen sarees are a versatile choice for your wardrobe. Woven meticulously linen sarees have a distinct feature with a slight crisp that softens with each use giving them a unique nature. The earthy tones of handwoven linens sarees are the epitome of sheer minimalism and opulence. Our handloom linen sarees symbolises the commitment to sustainable artisanal practices. 

Why Choose Huts and Looms?

Remember the time when you wore your first saree? The emotion when you saw yourself in your mothers saree for the very first time, it’s a beautiful moment. The moment your mother realises that her daughter has grown up and how beautiful you are to her in that moment. We at Huts and Looms want you to never forget that moment, offering not just sarees, but a collection that resonates with the sentiment and significance of those unforgettable moments.

Huts and Looms are dedicated to safeguarding not just the emotions and the artistry involved in crafting sarees, but also to ensuring the provision of sustainable sarees for you to pass on. Discover our collection is traditional Indian handloom sarees and a variety of blouse designs from sleeveless blouses to v neck blouses