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Bring your attention to the one saree we want to brag about without a no. The soft silver patterns complement the monsoon purple vibes of the saree. Presenting to you one of our favorites that you can slay at a ceremony. Glam up and showcase your features, don’t shy away lady, you can do it!

We believe each fabric weaved speaks of a story and history of India’s culture. We wish to turn these intangible stories immortal through our fabrics.

People & Process

Dyeing. Warping. Sizing. Attaching. Winding. Weaving. Repeating.

Our Secrets are OUT!!!
Our Secrets are OUT!!!
The delivery was quick and easy despite living in Australia. I was worried and surprised when it reached here in 10 days. The packaging was eco-friendly and neat like I imagined. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.
— Roopini Suresh
Our Secrets are OUT!!!
I wore my mum’s silk saree for my friend’s Indian wedding. The fabric was soft to the touch and colorful. I was receiving unending compliments from my friends and aunts. Another bonus was it was super comfortable even while I was dancing.
— Praveena Ramanan
Our Secrets are OUT!!!
Being a Doctor, a saree is a must. While exploring I landed on Huts and Looms. On the website, I found a good range of affordable sarees with variety. My first purchase was a simple saree and I absolutely loved it! After that, I bought 2 sarees of different fabrics & colors. Quite satisfied!
— Dr. Suchi Tripathi
Our Secrets are OUT!!!
I purchased 10 sarees to surprise my relatives and my mother as we come from Assam and were often influenced by handlooms.  The initiative by Huts and Looms sharing the weaver's art to the world brings a sense of patriotism and cultural pride for me personally.
— Bipasha Tandon