Aaja Nachle I Black cotton handloom saree

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During my childhood, I eagerly awaited every Wednesday and Sunday, as those were the days when "Chitrahar" and "Rangoli" were telecasted. I would stand in front of the TV, completely engrossed, and enthusiastically enact the songs that played. The melodies got etched in my memory, and I would sing them during Antakshari games on the school bus.

One special memory was when I started Kathak classes with my mother, and dancing became an integral part of my life. As time passed, the pressures of studies and pursuing a career took precedence, causing dance to gradually fade away from my daily routine.

Now, as I reflect on my life, I realize it's time to rekindle that spark of joy and bring dance back into my life. Those delightful moments of my childhood are a treasure that I want to relive, cherishing every single moment. Embracing the activities that fill me with happiness and elevate my experiences in life has become my priority. It's time to reconnect with my passion for dance and infuse my days with the same joy I felt as a child.

 fabric : cotton with zari pallu

 length : 6.5 meters with black running blouse

Dispatch time : 5-6 days