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Article: How to take care of silk saree?

How to take care of silk saree?

How to take care of silk saree?

It is said silk does to the body what a diamond does to your finger.

Silk is a natural fiber, which are woven into textiles. The best silk is obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm.

We all do have beautiful silk in our closet, but when it comes to taking care of our silk, we sometimes get clueless and treat it as par with other fabric.

We are going to tell you few tips to take off the silk sarees

1. Never hand wash or machine wash silk saree, a silk saree mandatory has to be dry clean/Dry wash. This helps to keep the texture and shine intact.

2. Don't keep the sarees bundles, as the threads are delicate and if there is some work it might get torn in that kept position

3. Keep your silk saree outside under a shade for some time to revive its look and keep the fabrics in a better condition

4. Do not iron the saree with too much heat, a normal temperature press should be fine to go.

5. Keep you silk sarees under light weight sarees with proper folding or hang it in the wardrobe


Hope the above tips helps you to keep your favourite silk saree intact.

See you soon.


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