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Article: Tips to up your gorgeous saree look this summer 2021

Tips to up your gorgeous saree look this summer 2021
Cotton Sarees

Tips to up your gorgeous saree look this summer 2021

 Summer - the humid, sultry, tiring, and scorching season is here in full bloom. In India, the climate is tropical monsoon and that makes the summer season even more unbearable. And also with rising pollution and population, the temperature is always on the rise. Therefore, whenever you are stepping outside, you need to be extra cautious about your dress, makeup, and accessories.

Saree seems to be one of the best attires for women when it comes to the summer season. Not all ladies wear them but those who wear them will believe that it is indeed the best summer attire. Because sarees give your skin and body to breathe and feel the air around.

Unlike other Indian attires or Western wears, the saree is way more comfortable, stylish, and most importantly summer-friendly.

For all those ladies who love wearing sarees, here is a list of tips to up your gorgeous saree game this summer 2021: -

Choose handloom sarees

There’s nothing more comfortable than a pure handloom saree. Check out a variety of Handloom sarees woven by weavers across India at “Huts & Looms” and stuff your wardrobe. The varieties available here are Chanderi Silk, Banarasi Silk, Kantha Stitch, Murshidabad Silk, etc. These handloom sarees are eco-friendly and only natural things are used to derive various colors. That’s why they are never going to play with your skin giving you summer rashes or itches. Now you may have a hunch about the style quotient - right? Well, once you look at the variety of these sarees, you will know about its potential to up your summer fashion game.

Opt for cool colors

To be honest, summer is not the time to flaunt bright or deep hues, unlike spring or winter. The temperature remains high and the sun rays are scorching and if you wear deep colors they will absorb more heat making you sick. Thus, opt for cool colors like pastel shades and stay in the fashion game. If you love a myriad of colors, then use bright colored handbag or sandal or any hair accessory to balance the cool color of your saree.

Minimalist approach

Minimalist design all over your saree, blouse, or that pallu part of your saree will make you look even more gorgeous. Now, this minimalism doesn’t mean something boring or something lacking drama. Ask any fashion expert and they will opine that minimalism requires more effort. These days many girls/women are taking that minimalist approach when it comes to fashion. So, you will find multiple things that will keep your get-up minimalist yet keep you ahead of others. For example, you can choose a blouse that has no design or motif in front or along the arms but carries a nice stitch work or a nice slogan at its back. If you are carrying a plain solid color saree with just a border and a few motifs here and there, then your way of draping that saree can be carried out differently to make you look different yet gorgeous. Remember that “less is more”!

Mind the fabric

Fabric is the most important aspect when you are choosing a saree for yourself for the summer season. Opting for pure cotton sarees will be the best idea. Nothing is friendlier to skin like cotton fabric. They allow your skin to breathe and when the humidity makes you sweat more this cotton fabric soaks it up and cools your skin too. Cotton sarees are always the most fashionable fabric in the summer season. Be it an office or a wedding, wear designer cotton sarees and multiply your beauty, style, and elegance.

Balance the Blouse

Play the contrast with your blouse to speak about your fashion in volumes. To keep your whole look “summer special”, you can choose a striped blouse or something with bold borders. If your saree color is pastel green, then you can opt for a magenta or pink color blouse. To accentuate the whole look, choose a printed blouse if your saree is plain, simple, and carries no such embroidery or stitch work or print.

Tame your tresses

If you are going out in the daytime, then make a soft or tight bun as you wish. In those ways, your hair will be safe and your neck will not be sweaty. Plus, you will look gorgeous. If you are going out in the evening, then make a braid or keep it full or half-open.

Sunglasses & other accessories

To keep yourself cool and protect yourself from the bright sun rays, wear your favorite shade. Black works with all colors so keep that in your wardrobe. Among other accessories, carry a nice handloom print bag that carries summer essentials like sunblock, lip balm/lipstick, perfume, hairbrush, wet wipes, sanitizer, a spare mask, water bottle, fruits, etc. If you are heading out for office, only earrings would be fine. Go for small tap earrings or simple hoops. If the destination is slightly more occasional like a wedding, then go for statement jewelry.

Last but not the least, wear your mask (you can match that with your saree color), keep a safe distance from people, and slay in style!



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