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Golden Hours

Golden Hours

The Golden Hours is also called "divine hours". The molten rays of  the sun, kissing the earth at dusk or dawn makes the surrounding seraphic. As believed since ancient times, this divine hour also magically changes your life, when we consciously use this time for self care. Waking up early in the morning at Dawn or taking a break from work during dusk, makes us more organized in our thought and actions. Contemplation at the time of the day when nature is balancing itself between day and night can also help balance our ongoing conflicts in mind. Human beings are only a small part of this cosmos and until, we connect with energy flowing around us and within us, chaos will exist. Our first release this festive season is inspired by same divine hours. The look is bling and ultra glamourous but at the same time subtle aura. The fabric is soft and flowy with tissue sheen over it. The glass transparency with sheen when draped over the skin gives a chic look

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