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Article: Your Voice Matters - Ladies, Time to Sparkle & Vote

Your Voice Matters - Ladies, Time to Sparkle & Vote

Your Voice Matters - Ladies, Time to Sparkle & Vote

Hey there, fabulous urban goddess. Are you ready to get your voice heard? Because guess what, the time is NOW. India is in the footsteps of a massive electoral exercise. And for you, my lady, it is the time to strut to the polling booths and vote like the fierce unstoppable queen, that you are! In this grand soiree of life, every vote is a VIP invite to bring about a change in development, growth, and success. So, don’t forget to get inked this year and show it off proudly. 

Ladies, Listen Up!

Voting isn’t just a civic duty, it is a declaration of your right to shape the world around you. As women, we have fought tooth and nail for our rights and for our voices to be heard. So let’s not waste this opportunity to make a difference. Let’s not treat the voting day to be a holiday to relax and chill. Instead, let’s all go out and get the coveted ink on the finger and exercise our right to vote! 

Are you a First Time Voter?

If it is your first time, don’t let these doubts - “Why me”, “Is my vote even important”, or “Will it make any difference” - hover in your mind. Even as a first-time voter, your choice matters. Whether you have been striving for equal pay, equal opportunities, or climate change, remember voting is the ultimate weapon in a democracy. 

When women vote, they don’t just make waves, we bring on tsunamis of change that ripple through generations. 

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Skip the Ballots

Still in two minds? Let’s drop some truth bombs on why you should not skip the ballots. 

  • Future Generations Are Counting on Your Choice Today - Want a safe and sound future for your future generations? Don’t skip the ballot today. Leave a legacy of empowerment and progress for them. 
  • Right to Equality is Non-negotiable - We have come too far in democracy to take any backseat. Don’t let anyone believe in any false propaganda of freebies. Vote like your future depends on it (because it kinda does)! 
  • Don’t Let Anyone Silence You - Your Opinion Matters, your experience matters, your voice matters. Don’t let anyone dissuade you from the change you want to see. 
  • Own your Power - You are not just another voter among the 1.44 billion people. You are a queen with the power to shape the course of history. 
  • Break the Patriarchy - Did you know? In 1921 (in British India) Bombay and Madras became the first provinces to give limited voting to women. All Indian women were allowed to vote in the general elections of 1951. So it’s a long struggle to shatter stereotypes and break the patriarchy. 
  • Because You are Worth It - You are smart, you are savvy, your voice matters, darling. Go out there and shine like the tough diamond, that you are! 

Empower Other Women Near You to Vote

Voting also matters for the scores of other women around you. Your househelp, cook, nanny, the lady at the parlor, or a saleswoman near you. Their voices matter too. If it is in your capacity, ensure they are visiting the booths to cast their vote. Give your househelp a leave of absence if she needs to go to her hometown to vote so that her voice can be heard as well.

One vote at a time, let's unite in this great celebration of life to build a better tomorrow and slay in style!

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