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Article: Embrace Beauty & Power : Celebrate Women's Day With Huts & Looms

Embrace Beauty & Power : Celebrate Women's Day With Huts & Looms

Embrace Beauty & Power : Celebrate Women's Day With Huts & Looms

As it is rightly said, "Women are the real architects of society." With Women’s Day approaching, we can already feel the celebrations. It’s a time to celebrate women and their magnanimous charisma with which they make everything special. It is a day to empower women to march through every field of life because awards, nods, and feats of recognition need their special touch. 

On this Women’s Day the best thing you can do for the woman in your life - be your mother, sister, friend, or significant other - is to celebrate her for being her unique self. Let her be unapologetic, the drama queen, let her sprinkle the pixie dust and cherish her for being a part of your life.

Grace & Versatility: Celebrating Women With Huts & Looms

Girl, we know that you are capable of shattering the glass ceiling because ‘there is no limit to what women can accomplish’.  From breaking social stereotypes and setting new gender norms, girl you shine brighter than the diamond!

To our delight, today’s ‘it’ girls don’t shy away from the quintessential sarees. They channel their inner divas in a saree just about anywhere - weddings, parties, or even office!

Saree’s glam quotient and mesmerizing effects are unmatched as they make a woman feel and look sexy, alluring, and breathtaking. 

In that sense, our traditionally designed handloom sarees are an expression of the manifestation of the impossible, as they represent the diary of stories that women in our society have to tell. With each drape, women can weave narratives of strength, resilience, and authenticity.

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Women Are The Echoes Of Inspiration

Our story will continually feature the remarks of inspirational women who will reinforce the imperativeness of self-love, self-acceptance, and freedom from the confines of traditional norms. "True beauty emanates from unapologetically being yourself ", as defined by Maya Angelou, delivering the meaning of our day.

We spoke to influencers in India about their journey, inspiration, and challenges faced as women creators. 

  • “In a world that often imposes unrealistic standards, self-love and self-confidence are the most important things, it also helps us channel the confidence, and the strength to overcome challenges. I feel as women we need to acknowledge and celebrate our worth and be kind to ourselves more than anything”, says Megha Chakraborty, an up-coming filmmaker and content creator who goes by her.vintage.eyes on Instagram. 

  • “I'd like to share a powerful message from Guneet Monga's Oscar-winning speech. Reflecting on Kartiki Gonsalves's journey in creating the Oscar-winning film ‘The Elephant Whisperers,’ she emphasized, ‘You don't need a seat at the table, create your own table and sit on it.’ This stayed with me and I want women and girls worldwide to know and embrace this as well, adds Megha Chakraborty.

  • In a world full of love and creativity there are women breaking gender norms every day and setting examples. “Because the power is woman, the future is woman” believes Anukul Dhara, celebrity makeup artist and beauty influencer who is popularly known as cocoballucci.

  • Today’s women are setting their own fashion trends. Saree as an attire exudes excellence, sensuality, and transcendence. “Saree has always been a part of me, since my school days. We used to wear sarees on a daily basis and do all the fun activities wearing them. Even in my regular days, be it a date or ADDA with friends-first choice would be a saree. 

  • And when it comes to comfort and grace together, Huts & Looms is topping the list. Not only do those feel like air but my confidence level gets boosted a lot. Thank you for giving Saree meaning to my life”, says Srijita Ghosh, popular fashion influencer and artist from Kolkata.

    Along with us in this movement which is #LetHerBeHerself, where we emphasize the value of women over and above the standard role of society or what is expected. In a world, we should cultivate in which every woman can be her true self without societal limitations.

    Trendy Women's Day Captions:

    • She believed she could, so she did. #EmpoweredWomenEmpowerWomen
    • Here's to resilient women: may we embody them, may we uplift them, may we celebrate them. #CelebrateHerStrength
    • In a world dictated by trends, dare to be a timeless emblem of strength and elegance. #UnapologeticallyMe
    • Empowered women uplift women. Let's elevate each other, today and every day. #Sisterhood
    • She's not merely a woman; she's an unstoppable force. #FierceAndFearless
    • Behind every triumphant woman stands a tribe of other triumphant women who support her. #StrongerTogether
    • Be the catalyst for elevating other women. #InspireAndBeInspired
    • Her resilience knows no bounds, her spirit knows no confines. #LimitlessPossibilities
    • She's not just a woman; she's a masterpiece in motion. #OwnYourMagic
    • Let's honor the women who inspire, challenge, and uplift us. #WomensDayEveryDay
    • Life's a party, and we're the ones bringing the confetti! Happy Women's Day, Fab Ladies! #GirlsJustWannaHaveFun
    • If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman. – Margaret Thatcher
    • Here's to the women who know how to take a joke... and dish out a few of their own. You keep us entertained and we can't imagine life without you. #HappyWomensDay
    • What is better than wisdom? Woman. And what is better than a good woman? Nothing.
    • A woman is like a tea bag. She only knows her strength when put in hot water. #HappyWomensDay

    The ultimate celebration is when women truly admire and support themselves by being themselves through and through.

    Even though we may develop Women's Day programs, the true essence of our celebration would be in empowering real women and celebrating diversity. Come along to celebrate women's liberation as they are, every day.

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