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Article: Dynamic Duos: Mother-Daughter Business Partnerships Making Waves

Dynamic Duos: Mother-Daughter Business Partnerships Making Waves

Dynamic Duos: Mother-Daughter Business Partnerships Making Waves

Dear Ladies, did you know that experts say, the mother-daughter bond is the strongest relationship in the world? The mom-and-daughter bond can impact all other relationships as well as one's health and self-esteem.  Have you noticed how they can quickly go from fighting to laughing, yet their unwavering love for one another never changes? This dynamic duo also form some of the best partners in the business world purely because of this unconditional love and level of understanding. Today, let’s look at some of the successful mother-daughter duos making waves in India’s business world.

Mother-Daughter Entrepreneurs Making Waves in the Business Landscape

These amazing mother-daughter pairs are shattering stereotypes, creating new benchmarks, and demonstrating that work and family can work together to create a dream team of success. 

Riti and Maanya Dhar (Imarim)

Image source: whats hot


When mom and daughter Riti and Maanya put their minds together to make a difference they created a zero-waste brand Imarim. From home decor to furniture and stationeries, this mother and daughter business partners ensures their love for colour and nature is reflected in every piece of work. With backgrounds in visual arts and advertising this mom-and-daughter duo today built a brand that creates amazing home décor out of leftovers and scraps.

Jaya and Shweta Shivakumar (WhySoBlue)

      Image source: YourStory


When mother daughter entrepreneurs duo Jaya and Shweta Shivakumar with their innovative minds came on board they created a startup on sustainable clothing WhySoBlue. They were able to combine their talents and creativity into a profitable business venture that captures hearts and spreads joy because they have a passion for creating one-of-a-kind pieces.

Poonam and Akriti Rawal (House of Chikankari)

Image source: Twitter

When this dynamic duo landed on the reality show Shark Tank India, they took everyone by storm with their startup House of Chikankari, which not only upheld a traditional craft but made a tribe of artisans that got their due respect. This mother-daughter business partnership earned accolades due to their shared love, and passion, for their craft. Their hard work is a testament that a start-up can grow a profitable enterprise that honours tradition and skill. 

Pragya and Adhvika Agarwal (ORCO)

Image source: ET  Now

Adhvika and her mother Pragya Agarwal founded ORCO, a brand of organic spices and condiments. Their team work together to hand-grind, hand-pound, and hand-clean natural spices that aren't treated with pesticides or chemicals. With over 56 different spices and condiments available ORCO is making a difference in society when every other popular spice brand is coming under the radar with food safety. 

Anureet and Arushi Sethi (Trijog)

Image source: Inc42

In 2014 the mother-daughter entrepreneurs Anureet and Arushi Sethi started a mental wellness platform - Trijog that is intended to offer psychological counselling and therapy to individuals. Anureet has worked as a clinical psychologist for more than 30 years and understands that mental wellness is not spoken of enough. They intend to offer help to those who need it in a safe and organic way. 

Urmila and Aarti Samant (Masala Tokri)

Image source: YourStory

The charming mother-daughter team, Urmila and Aarti Samant, collaborated to create the captivating gourmet spice brand 'Masala Tokri'. As they introduce their distinctive spice blends to the world while upholding the ideals of flavour and teamwork, their journey serves as a monument to the strength of familial ties and common goals.

Huts and Looms salutes these mother-daughter business partnerships because we know when you love something and are passionate about something, you can create magic and lead the way. 

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