Beete Lamhe I Mul Modal handloom saree

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Kshan I क्षण : A Slice of Comfort and Nostalgia
On a humid evening, as she began planning for the next day, a realization struck her: some friends were coming over for lunch, and her weekly grocery supplies were running low. Without delay, she grabbed her pen and paper, jotting down the items needed to ensure nothing was forgotten.
Glancing at the clock, she hurriedly prepared herself, taking her vegetable shopping bag and an umbrella, for the city's unpredictable weather. As she navigated through the market, she engaged in negotiations, carefully verifying each item against her meticulously crafted list. The process of selecting the perfect produce and essential groceries brought her a sense of satisfaction and control over her household needs.
Now, on her way back home, she followed her customary routine - she purchased a packet of biscuits to feed the stray dogs she often encountered. This small act of kindness filled her heart with warmth and compassion.
Speaking of comfort and nostalgia, this saree evokes memories of a time when our mothers and grandmothers embraced sarees as their daily attire, valuing the comfort of the fabric above all else. The sarees of yesteryears were chosen for their breathability, lightweight nature, and soft texture. They allowed freedom of movement while imparting a sense of elegance and grace.
This particular saree pays homage to those qualities, offering a glimpse into a bygone era. It serves as a reminder of the simplicity and practicality our ancestors valued in their daily lives. As we wear this saree, we are transported to a time when comfort and style coexisted harmoniously.

This product not only embodies the spirit of nostalgia but also delivers a feeling of comfort and authenticity. Its breathable fabric, lightweight construction, and gentle touch against the skin evoke a sense of tranquility and well-being.
Embrace the essence of everyday household activities and indulge in the comfort of this saree, allowing it to transport you to a time of simplicity, grace, and the pleasure found in the small moments of life.

Fabric : Mul Modal

Length: 6.5 meters ( Include running blouse colour pc as model is wearing in picture)

Wash care : Dry clean

Delivery time : 5-6 days