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Article: A Consumer's Guide to Identifying Genuine Tissue Silk Sarees

A Consumer's Guide to Identifying Genuine Tissue Silk Sarees

A Consumer's Guide to Identifying Genuine Tissue Silk Sarees

Tissue silk sarees are known for their ethereal elegance and luxurious feel, but in today's world of online shopping, it gets tricky to distinguish between real and fake. Fear not! Huts and looms have prepared a comprehensive guide for you to identify tissue saree material

Our collection of pure tissue silk sarees is a vast array of colors and designs and each saree speaks volume. Not only tissue silk but we

Understanding Tissue Silk Sarees 

Unlike other silk fabrics, tissue material sarees have a unique translucency and are very subtle. Tissue silk fabric is a pinnacle of elegance, charm, and grace, characterized by its delicate weave and lightweight feel.

Characteristics of Genuine Tissue Silk Sarees

As far as detecting real tissue silk sarees goes, it’s all about being detail-oriented. From the feel of the fabric to the complexity of the weave, let us take you through important details that would identify a fake. The methods we have described will help you learn to distinguish true tissue silk from its imitations.

  • The Touch Test

One of the easiest and most effective ways to determine real tissue silk is by a touch test. Rub the tissue silk material with your hands and if you feel a warmth while rubbing the tissue silk fabric, it means that it is authentic. However, if there is no change in temperature while rubbing the tissue silk material, it means it is a duplicate.

  • The Burn Test

Another way to see if the tissue silk saree is authentic or not. One can take a few threads from the end of the tissue fabric and burn them. If it is genuine tissue material, it will surely give a burning smell, and the ash will be black in color, a bit brittle and crisp. However, if the tissue fabric is fake, it will release a plastic-burning smell and will not produce any ash. 

  • The Luster Test

Tissue silk fabric is mostly known for its lustrous appeal, when the light falls on the fabric, the color changes at different angles. With different angles and lights the tissue material changes its color accordingly and reflects a sheen in different colors. However, fake tissue silk only reflects a white sheen at any light angle.


The market is flooded with imitations of tissue silk fabric, and identifying the real one is important. Genuine tissue silk material speaks of intricate craftsmanship, weaves, and certifications.

Tissue silk sarees are an embodiment of tradition, grace, and elegance. We have curated this guide for you to shop with confidence and embrace the allure of genuine tissue silk fabric. Give our guide a good read and try these tried and tested techniques, so you can identify between real vs fake tissue silk material.


Is there a difference in the way genuine and fake tissue silk sarees drape?

Yes, genuine tissue silk material is lightweight and has a unique drape, whereas, fake tissue silk fabric is a bit stiff.

What is the difference between genuine tissue silk and fake tissue silk sarees?

A real tissue silk saree is made from natural fibers, whereas a fake one is made of polyester, viscose, or other synthetic material.

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