Sonar Bou

Rs. 3,200.00 Rs. 5,500.00

One day, a wealthy merchant named Raja arrived in the village. He was building a grand and opulent boat, which he called the "Sonar Bou" (Golden Boat). Rina was intrigued by the boat, and as she helped her father with his fishing, she would often watch as the boat was being built.

As Raja and Rina got to know each other, they fell in love. Raja was captivated by Rina's beauty and her love of the river, and Rina was drawn to Raja's passion and determination.

Raja and Rina decided to get married, and they used the Sonar Bou as their wedding boat. They sailed down the river, surrounded by their friends and family, and exchanged their vows under the stars.

The Sonar Bou became a symbol of their love and the love they shared with their village. It was not just a boat, but a reminder of the love story that started it all.


Fabric : Organza banarasi

Length : 5.5 meter

Wash care : Dry clean

Delivery time : 3 to 4 days