Pink Sapphire legend

Rs. 2,150.00

a mysterious and powerful sorceress who lived deep in the forest. The sorceress was said to possess a rare and beautiful pink sapphire, which was said to have magical powers that could grant wishes and bring good luck to those who possessed it.

The story goes that a brave knight set out to find the sorceress and her pink sapphire, determined to bring the powerful gem back to his kingdom. After many months of searching, the knight finally found the sorceress and her pink sapphire.

But the sorceress was not willing to part with her precious gem easily. She put the knight through a series of tests, each one more difficult than the last, to prove his worthiness. The knight persevered, and finally, the sorceress was convinced of his bravery and bestowed the pink sapphire upon him.

The knight brought the pink sapphire back to his kingdom, where it was said to have brought good luck and prosperity to all who saw it. The legend says that the pink sapphire is a symbol of determination and perseverance, and that it can help its wearer overcome any obstacle.

The story is still passed down to this day and it is believed that the pink sapphire brings determination, good luck, and prosperity to its wearer.


Fabric : Handloom Mul cotton saree

Length : 5.5 meters

Washcare : Handwash/ drain and dry under shade or Dry clean

Delivery time:4 to 5 days