Mystic nature

Rs. 2,100.00

The story goes that deep in the heart of the forest, there lived a group of powerful and benevolent nature spirits. These spirits were said to have the ability to control the elements and to shape the forest to their will. They were also said to possess powerful magical artifacts, such as enchanted acorns, that could grant wishes and bestow blessings upon those who possessed them.

One day, a brave and curious traveler came upon the enchanted forest. The nature spirits, sensing the traveler's pure heart and good intentions, took pity on him and offered to grant him one wish. The traveler thought long and hard about what to wish for, and finally decided that he wanted to be able to communicate with the animals of the forest.

The nature spirits granted his wish, and from that day forward, the traveler was able to understand and speak the language of the animals. He spent many years living among them, learning their secrets and ways, and becoming one with the forest.

The legend says that the enchanted forest is still there, hidden deep in the wilderness, and that it is still guarded by the powerful nature spirits. It is said that those who are pure of heart and have a deep love for nature may be able to find the enchanted forest and receive the blessings of the nature spirits.

This story is meant to convey the idea that nature is magical and mysterious, and that it can grant blessings and wisdom to those who are open to its power.

Fabric : Handloom Cotton

Length : 6.5 meters

Washcare : Handwash in cold water or Dry clean

Delivery time : 4 to 5 days