Dancing Splash of hues I Tie and dye printed georgette saree

Rs. 3,650.00
It was the 1920s, and the world was alive with excitement and energy. The war was over, and people were ready to celebrate. In the heart of the city, a grand mansion stood, waiting for a party to bring it to life.

Guests arrived in their finest attire, sparkling with jewels and glittering with sequins. Jazz music filled the air, and the scent of champagne and perfume mingled together in a heady mix.

In the ballroom, couples swayed to the rhythm of the music, their movements slow and languid. The room was filled with the sound of laughter and conversation, and every corner was lit by the flickering glow of candles and chandeliers.

As the night wore on, the party became more wild and carefree. People danced on tables and drank champagne straight from the bottle. The air was thick with the smell of smoke and sweat, but no one seemed to mind.

In the corner, a group of flappers giggled as they tried on each other's hats and coats. Men in fedoras and suits leaned against the walls, watching the scene with amusement.

Outside, on the terrace, a group of people had gathered around a gramophone, listening to the latest jazz records. A couple snuck away to the gardens, where they shared a romantic kiss under the stars.

Muse is wearing georgette layered tie and dye printed colours.
This complimenting colour are just creating a vibes which is needed, not too more not too less.

Fabric : Georgette
Length : 5.5 meters
Washcare : Dry clean / Handwash in cold water / no scrubbing