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blue sapphire is also said to be a symbol of loyalty and trust, making it a popular choice for engagement rings.

One popular legend about blue sapphires is the story of a young prince who fell in love with a beautiful princess from a neighboring kingdom. The prince knew that he needed to win the heart of the princess, so he set out to find the most precious and beautiful gem in the world to give to her as a token of his love.

After many months of searching, the prince finally found a rare blue sapphire in a remote mountain mine. He immediately had the sapphire cut and polished to perfection, and then set it into a beautiful gold ring.

The prince returned to the kingdom of the princess and presented her with the ring, declaring his love for her. The princess was deeply touched by the prince's gesture and the beauty of the blue sapphire, and she accepted his proposal of marriage.

The couple lived happily ever after, and the blue sapphire ring became a symbol of their love and devotion. The legend says that the ring brought the couple good luck and prosperity throughout their lives, and that it protected them from harm and adversity.

This story has been passed down through the generations and it's believed that the blue sapphire is a symbol of eternal love and devotion.

Fabric : Handloom Cotton saree

Length : 5.5 meters

Washcare : Handwash or Dry clean

Delivery time : 4 to 5 days