Deserve to be respected I Cotton handloom saree

Rs. 2,150.00 Rs. 3,200.00

We woman has always grown up with a basic conditioning of sacrificing and giving, which is why a lot of woman after their marriage has remained to keep quiet even after going through a lot physical and mental trauma. Mental trauma or disrespect is sometimes a under looked subject as people most of them ignore it by considering it a difference of opinion in a marriage.

But, differences of opinion and disrespecting your partner has thin line of difference, It has a lot too do with telling and reminding your partner about their in capabilities, their ugly weakness and victimising in negative way repeatedly.

Time has come, when we need to stand up and ask for our basic right, which is respect. This saree is inspired by  woman supporting and asking for their respect for their efforts.


This handloom saree is handwoven in cotton with gold zari stripes on pallu

Product Name : Deserve to be respected

Fabric : Mercerized Cotton

Length : 6.45 meter( Running black BP)

Wash care : Dry clean

Dispatch time : 5-6 days